Home Inspections

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Examples of Inspections

Moisture damage to above light fixture and ceiling, due to a broken air vent on the roof allowing rain water to enter the attic and saturation the insulation and penetrating the ceiling drywall.

Moisture damage to a bedroom ceiling caused by a leaking roof, the existing shingles were well past the lifespan resulting in water penetrating to the attic and saturating the insulation and penetrating to the ceiling drywall.

Water damage on a basement ceiling due to a leaking kitchen drain pipe above. Mold growth has occurred from this ongoing problem, a health concern.

An electrical heating wire from a garage area improperly spliced and taped, not a coated wire, improper sized, a fire hazard.

Improper door installation, a patio door has been installed without changing the steel lintel above, causing step cracking in the mortar joints in the brick to the step crack as shown in the picture.